The new headquarters of Züst Ambrosetti (19,800 m2), is an industrial structure used for the storage of different goods with a customs area.

Vehicle circulation is clearly divided into two systems: light traffic which, starting from the eastern access, travels along the ramp (80 m) up to the roof of the warehouse where parking is provided for the pedestrian entrance on level 3 of the building offices; the heavy traffic that develops on level 0 around the warehouse starting from the western entrance.

The bridge of the Europa hall (900 m2), the true heart of the complex where all international transport is organised, finds its location in a central position between the two buildings, in a bridge structure located on level 2 of the offices and in internal communication with the warehouse.

The bridge of the Europa hall and the suspended access ramp to the warehouse roof are made with metal frame scaffolding supported by a tensile structure with cables fixed to tubular poles, so as to make the maneuvering area of the trucks around the hall completely free of pillars. warehouse and give an effect of lightness to the connecting elements between the imposing masses of the buildings.

Zust Ambrosetti

Torino, Italia

1994 – 1995


Structural Design

Structural site Management