Other international consultancies and activities

  • OLYMPIC TRACK / Olimpstroj (Sochi, RUSSIA – 2014)

    Technical consultancy for Olimpstroj, for the construction of the Sochi 2014 bobsleigh track, in Russia

    ALENIA – ALTEC (Torino, ITALIA – 2010)

    Collaboration on the design of the international experimental test module “Mars Project”

    OVAL OLYMPIC ARENA (Torino, ITALIA – 2006)

    Technical consultancy for the company during the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006.

    CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES (Roma, ITALIA – 1998/99)

    Renovation work at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome

    BEIJING BIODESIGN INSTITUTE (Beijing, China – 1994)

    Design of the metal and reinforced concrete structures of the “Beijing Biodesign Institute”, in collaboration with Prof. Eng. Massimo Majowiecki and Giugiaro Design. [Estimated amount of the structures: 2,500,000,000 Lit]

    “CONTARINI DAL ZAFFO” PALACE (Venice, ITALY – 1992/94)

    Renovation of the Contarini Dal Zaffo Palace in Venice, with particular reference to the structural consolidation of foundations, walls and wooden floors frescoed with paintings from the Tiepolo school


    Design and construction management of the structures for the renovation of the Arsenal of Peace.

    ATOMMASH (Volgodonsk, U.R.S.S. – 1986)

    Experimental intervention of undermasonry and consolidation of foundations of existing buildings in subsident Loessian soils.

    ALLUVIAL PLACER SYSTEMS (South America – 1984/88)

    Consultancy for the construction of experimental plants for the exploitation of “alluvial placers” for the cultivation of gold mines in South America, in collaboration with H.H. McAllister of Chicago.