The new Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, “Campus Luigi Einaudi”, is a university building which reflects the Turin and Italian ability to make dreams that come true. New and ambitious synergies between architecture and engineering transmit new creative impulses to the City, giving life to an elegant and cutting-edge creation, to be known and rediscovered.

The multiple structural solutions, which have become architectural elements such as, for example, the pincer staircases without intermediate supports, the skylights and the roof, are in accordance with the needs of the environments, obtaining a cutting-edge nucleus for liveability and comfort, of strong aesthetic characterization and inter-disciplinary involvement, for example with art. The structural aspects and the particular attention to the innovative combination of elements tested for energy saving are harmonized in total harmony with the architectural parts and general details.

The new Campus is composed of seven buildings, aligned along the external edges of a triangular lot, immersed in 14,000m2 of greenery and overlooking a circular square 80 meters in diameter. The characteristic curved facades give life to a pleasant visual continuity for over 1 km.

Another notable feature is the imposing undulating cantilevered roof, which with its 16,700m2 Teflon-coated waterproof fiberglass membrane, stretched over a complex three-dimensional steel structure, makes the structure apparently floating and constitutes at the same time, a unique icon of the city panorama.

Università di Torino

Torino, Italia

2004 – 2013


Structural design

Structural site Management