New headquarters, laboratories and engine test laboratories of the “G.M.”, and of the “Double” project of the Polytechnic of Turin on the former O.G.R. areas.

Prof. Eng. Francesco Ossola was a Polytechnic of Turin’ Professor until 2018, and on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Polytechnic itself he held the role of Sole Responsible for the Contract and Building Process’ General Manager (R.U.A – R.U.P. – R.L.):

  • The renovation of the former turning factory building, as a new research centre;
  • The renovation of the Ex fucine building, as a new teaching centre, with an adjoining lowered courtyard;
  • The new construction of the buildings “overriding” the Viale della Spina as new offices and laboratories;
  • The construction of the “landing area” for the student’ secretariat;
  • The construction of the new research center and test laboratories (15) of G.M. Power Train Europe

“GM Powertrain” is a Research and Development center and in September 2008 it moved to the new structure of the Polytechnic of Turin, making General Motors the first automotive company to become a physical part of the University Campus. GM Powertrain Europe-Turin represents a strategic asset for GM globally and is the center for diesel engine innovation and development and where propulsion systems are designed for Opel, Chevrolet, and others. From design to the study of virtual components or tests on engine benches, everything takes place in the laboratories and test cells of the new GM Powertrain Europe Research Center in Turin.

Politecnico di Torino

Torino, Italia

1997-2010 (including the testing stages)


Contract and Building Process’ General Manager (R.U.A – R.U.P. – R.L.) 

Supervision of “Commissioning” stage