Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo

The structural innovation is represented by the Auditorium from level L2 to level L6, totally free of pillars and literally suspended. Through the “transfer” the loads of the upper floors are transmitted to the six mega-columns of steel and concrete. This unique design solution allows the multipurpose conference room to accommodate up to 364 people and to be transformed into an exhibition hall, with concerts or shows also thanks to the mobile mezzanine. At the top of the building lies the bioclimatic greenhouse with natural ventilation, and houses the panoramic restaurant, the exhibition hall and a cafeteria on three levels.

In an area of strategic importance, the first skyscraper in the City of Turin stands out, with its 166m height. The Grosa Garden, adjacent to the building, is a recreational space available to the neighborhood and demonstrates how a private work can harmoniously host public spaces, while being of symbolic and functional value at the same time. The car park, the company restaurant and the nursery are arranged on six underground levels, while the bank offices, the training floor and the spaces and services open to the public are arranged on the 38 floors above.

Intesa SanPaolo Bank

Torino, Italia



Structural Design (From Concept to Executive stage), in partnership with Expedition Engineering (London) 

Sole signatory responsible for reinforced concrete and metal carpentry structures in accordance with Law 1086/71

Supervision of the Structures works